15 Best R-Rated Movies to Stream on Prime in April 2024

15 Best R-Rated Movies to Stream on Prime in April 2024
Image credit: MGM Studios

While PG-13 movies make all the money at the box office, R-rated movies are usually considered a nuisance in modern Hollywood, as producers don't really care about something that's unlikely to make money, and adult movies are usually considered box office poison.

That said, sometimes all you need is a provocative and gruesome movie to spend an evening with, and the questions of box office and critical reception quickly disappear the moment you boot up a proper R-rated movie.

Here are the 15 best R-rated movies streaming on Prime in April 2024:

To compile this list, we combed through the thousands of movies available to stream on Prime Video and selected only a few R-rated films that perfectly encapsulate the best qualities of this type of movie.

Yes, there are some older titles on this list, but we assure you that solid R-rated movies don't age badly, as the adult themes they explore are still relevant today. There are comedies, documentaries, action films, and horror flicks on this list, which just goes to show how diverse and vast the world of R-rated movies really is.

Hollywood producers may hate anything that strays from the norm, but you don't have to!