15 Horror Movies Too Disturbing for Theaters That Got Banned

15 Horror Movies Too Disturbing for Theaters That Got Banned
Image credit: Legion-Media

The rating system should help people to stay away from the works that may be not for their liking: if you're not very good with over-the-top violence or too erotic scenes, you should avoid R-rated movies and anything beyond that.

But sometimes the filmmakers create something so disturbing that it cannot be confined by the ratings and should be outright banned.

Censorship quite often harms the industry, but when we talk about banned horror movies, the reasons behind the ban are quite simple: these movies can make the viewers pretty disturbed and meddle with their moral compasses, altering their perception of violence in the real world.

People are quite impressionable, though most actually know how to separate fiction and reality, but that doesn't make the depictions of horrifying treatment of characters in these movies less terrifying.

The majority of these were banned out of concern for kids, but then again, what stopped the licensing and censorship departments from just slapping a higher rating on these works alongside the age restriction? We think that kids were just a facade because these movies can make even adults leave the cinema with a taste of bile in their throats. So just avoid them.