15 Most Heartbreaking TV Character Deaths of 2023 We're Still Not Over

15 Most Heartbreaking TV Character Deaths of 2023 We're Still Not Over
Image credit: Legion-Media

Killing off a beloved character is one of the worst things TV writers can do, and yet they do it quite often. Of course, we're not blaming anyone for doing their job, as killing off some heroes is necessary to keep the audience's attention and change the narrative of the TV show, but that doesn't mean we can't mourn the heroes who died right before our eyes.

Unfortunately, 2023 didn't turn out to be the comforting year we all hoped it would be, and dozens of beloved characters from our favorite show met their demise in the cruelest and most unfair ways.

Here are the 15 most heartbreaking TV character deaths of 2023:

The worst thing about TV character deaths is that no one expects them. When you're watching a long-running series, it's impossible to even consider the idea that some of the main characters might not live to see the finale, because you're so used to seeing them that questions of morality don't bother you in the slightest.

However, we are well aware that the characters mentioned above are all supposed to die in order to make the shows better. Take "Succession, " for example. The show was already great before its final season, but when Logan Roy finally died at the beginning of Season 4, it got even better, even though fans were shocked to see the beloved mogul go for good.

We mourn these characters, but we are okay with their deaths.