15 Must-Watch Spaghetti Westerns You Shouldn't Miss

15 Must-Watch Spaghetti Westerns You Shouldn't Miss
Image credit: Euro International Films, Produzioni Europee Associate

Italians saved the whole movie industry back in the '60 by invading the Western genre, keeping the best elements, throwing away the boring ones, and adding more bling that would be alluring to the general audiences.

Now, it wasn't just Italians: Spain played its part in the resurgence of spaghetti westerns, too. And these are the greatest works in the genre.

The differences between the regular Westerns and spaghetti ones are in the basics. Spaghetti Westerns are built upon the tried-and-true regular Westerns, and that means the formula that was already getting way too boring for the people became rehashed and got a new shiny cover.

Spaghetti Westerns usually feel even more hyperbolized, with the action scenes more focused and artistic, with the drama more vivid, and the plots more epic.

They're more creative, diverse, and unabashedly campy in a way that forces the viewers to enjoy them. The fans of the Westerns who decided to breathe new life into this genre from overseas did a great job by pouring their passion and making even the most predictable plots shine.

And those who decided to toy with the story (we're looking at Sergio Leone's works here) delivered it spectacularly.