15 Times Supporting Actors Carried the Movie on Their Backs

15 Times Supporting Actors Carried the Movie on Their Backs
Image credit: Legion-Media

Sometimes, the side character becomes much more interesting than the lead one and ends up stealing the show.

That's the case with these movies: the supporting cast was so vivid that they simply overshadowed those who supposedly should move the plot forward.

Most of the time, side characters become that good when the actors that play them give them a little bit of something unexpected. Usually, writers concentrate on fully developing the main cast and describing them down to the smallest detail, while the side characters' portrayal leaves the actors with some creative liberties.

And this additional bit of a personal twist that comes from the actor makes the supporting cast more vivid, more realistic, and more intense. Sometimes, however, the screenwriters are pretty meticulous in outlining the side cast, too, and the casting department just does pure magic when they find people who fit these roles like a glove.

Maybe the key lies in them not treating the role as a supporting one and giving it their all regardless. It's hard to say, but the truth is that some of these movies are widely known in pop culture only because of their side characters — and not the main ones.