15 Underrated Horror Movies Scarier Than Conjuring

15 Underrated Horror Movies Scarier Than Conjuring
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Thought "The Conjuring" was terrifying? These films just might be way worse than that.

Each of these films' got enough scares to give you nightmares for a week.

1. "The Ritual" (2017)

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Four friends on a hiking trip gone horribly wrong. After one of their buddies is killed in a robbery, they hike through the Scandinavian wilderness to honor him. Bad idea. They take a shortcut through a forest, and things go south. Tents torn apart, gutted deer hanging from trees – you name it. As they venture further, they discover an ancient Norse deity stalking them. A shape-shifting monster starts picking them off, one by one, manipulating their fears and guilt.

2. "Baskin" (2015)

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A group of cops receives a distress call and head to an abandoned building. When they get there, they stumble into an alternate realm filled with bizarre and gruesome rituals. They're faced with mutilated bodies, hooded figures, and, wait for it, a guy who can pull his face off like a mask. One by one, they're dragged into the horror show, confronting gut-churning and skin-crawling sights.

3. "The Taking of Deborah Logan" (2014)

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Deborah Logan, an elderly woman with the disease, becomes the subject of a medical student's documentary. Soon, it's clear that her condition is anything but normal. She starts acting aggressively, speaking in tongues, and displays bizarre, snake-like movements. Surveillance cameras capture her digging in the yard and swallowing a child whole. A dark spirit tied to a ritualistic murder is trying to complete an unfinished ceremony through her.

4. "The Blackcoat's Daughter" (2015)

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Two girls, Kat and Rose, are left alone at their boarding school over winter break. In parallel, a troubled woman named Joan is making her way to the school. Kat starts acting strangely, speaking to an unseen entity and puking up, uh, "hairballs." Turns out she's been possessed by a demonic force that convinces her to kill the school's nuns and Rose in a ritualistic sacrifice. Meanwhile, Joan is revealed to be an older Kat who escaped from a mental hospital, making her way back to the school to reunite with the demon.

5. "Session 9" (2001)

In this film, an asbestos cleaning crew takes on a job at an abandoned mental hospital. One of the workers, Mike, discovers a series of audio recordings – therapy sessions with a patient suffering from dissociative identity disorder. As they stay in the hospital longer, crew members start experiencing hallucinations and disappearances. The place starts to play with their minds, especially Gordon, who ends up going on a violent rampage after listening to the final session tape revealing the most sinister personality.

6. "Oculus" (2013)

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Tim and Kaylie are two siblings coming across a haunted mirror. Tim's been in a psych ward for years, believing he killed his parents. Kaylie, on the other hand, is convinced the mirror did it. She brings the mirror back home and sets up cameras to capture its shenanigans. The thing has a mind of its own – literally. It alters reality, making them relive their tragic past, including a healthy dose of parent-killing.

7. "Resolution" (2012)

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Michael receives a video of his estranged, drug-addicted buddy Chris, holed up in a cabin, and decides to intervene. He handcuffs Chris to a pipe, aiming to force him through a week of detox. But the cabin has other plans. They start finding mysterious photographs and videos depicting future events. Someone – or something – is watching and manipulating them.

8. "Thirst" (2009)

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A priest becomes a vampire after receiving a blood transfusion. Father Sang-hyun starts off trying to do good, using his powers to heal the sick, but his cravings get the better of him. He falls in love with his friend's wife, Tae-ju, and they embark on a bloody affair. As they spiral into a hedonistic lifestyle, they kill Tae-ju's husband and turn him into a vampire too.

9. "The Void" (2016)

Officer Daniel Carter picks up an injured man and rushes him to the nearest hospital, which is on the verge of closing down. Soon enough, the hospital is surrounded by hooded figures, and inside, things go from bad to worse. People start transforming into grotesque monsters. An ominous triangle-shaped portal appears in the basement, and it turns out one of the doctors has been summoning otherworldly entities.

10. "Terrified" (2017)

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A neighborhood is plagued by paranormal events. Dead kids coming back to life and sitting at the dinner table, unseen forces lifting beds, and voices emanating from the kitchen sink. A group of paranormal investigators and a cop decide to get to the bottom of this. Each house they explore has its own brand of nightmare fuel, including a dead body reanimating and beating the life out of one of them.

11. "Triangle" (2009)

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Jess, a woman with an autistic son, goes on a yachting trip with friends. Storm hits, they abandon ship, and find refuge on an eerily deserted ocean liner. Only, it's not deserted. A masked killer starts hunting them down. Jess realizes she's in a time loop, meeting versions of herself, and trying to save her friends. But every loop only complicates things further.

12. "Lake Mungo" (2008)

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Alice drowns while swimming with her family. After her death, the family starts experiencing paranormal activity at home. They consult a psychic and even discover a cellphone video showing Alice digging a hole in their yard. When they dig there, they find her buried phone containing a video that captures her own ghostly apparition in the lake where she died.

13. "Noroi: The Curse" (2005)

A documentary filmmaker, Kobayashi, investigates a series of strange events connected to a demonic entity called Kagutaba. He interviews people who have been affected by this curse, and, no surprise, terrible things start happening to them. Abductions, possessions, and even a woman who births a demonic child.

14. "Pontypool" (2008)

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A radio DJ, Grant Mazzy, starts getting reports of violent outbreaks in the town of Pontypool, Canada. As he broadcasts live, it becomes clear that the English language itself is infected. Certain words trigger a violent, zombie-like state in people. The station staff navigates a labyrinth of words, trying to avoid the infected phrases while still broadcasting updates.

15. "Coherence" (2013)

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During a comet's passing, eight friends gather for a dinner party. Soon, weird stuff happens: phone screens crack, power goes out, and there's a dark zone just outside the house. Venturing out, they discover another house that's an exact duplicate of theirs, with duplicates of themselves. Each choice they make spawns new realities, each more disturbing than the previous one.