16 Movies on Netflix to Stream Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

16 Movies on Netflix to Stream Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Myers-Briggs personality test can reveal a lot about your personality and help you find a career path that is right for you. But that's not all! We believe that each type has its own preferences when it comes to movie genres.

To test this theory, we have compiled a list of 16 movies, each of which is sure to appeal to different Myers-Briggs types!

Of course, we are not trying to pigeonhole anyone into watching only a small portion of movies! We are simply drawing parallels between Myers-Briggs types and certain movies, which may prove to be an interesting psychological experiment. If you decide to check out some of the movies listed above, try to approach them with your personality type in mind, and it will surely brighten your moviegoing experience by quite a bit!

Also, this list can be used as a guide – each aforementioned movie has many similar films that can be found on IMDb or Letterboxd, and most of them share the same qualities that made us include the original movies in this list.

Yes, your Myers-Briggs type has you covered for at least a year or so of interesting movies that are sure to resonate with you on one level or another.