19 Romance Movies of the Last 15 Years Destined to Become Classics

19 Romance Movies of the Last 15 Years Destined to Become Classics
Image credit: Legion-Media

Romantic movies have been one of the most popular and revered types of Hollywood films since the birth of the movie industry itself, as the universal themes of love and heartbreak don't really have an expiration date.

Fans are still watching and rewatching romantic movies from the 1930s in 2024, as they are considered classics for a reason - they are timeless and sincere, no matter how old they are.

Here are 20 romance films from the past 10 years that will go down as classics:

After going through this list, you could argue that some of the movies mentioned in it have already become classics, and we totally agree with that sentiment!

While it may be a bit early to declare a movie a classic only a decade after its release, movies like "La La Land " and "(500) Days Of Summer" managed to convince both critics and fans that they would go down in history as classic romantic movies the moment they hit theaters.

Other entries on this list still have a long way to go to become true classics of the romantic genre, but given how expertly they were crafted and how much audiences have fallen in love with their characters, we are confident that they will be remembered a hundred years from now.