19 Years After Release, Cillian Murphy’s 80%-Rated Thriller Suddenly Climbs Netflix’s Top

19 Years After Release, Cillian Murphy’s 80%-Rated Thriller Suddenly Climbs Netflix’s Top
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The actor had remarkable roles long before his Oscar win, and here is a proof of it.


  • One of Cillian Murphy ’s 2000s thrillers is now getting a second wave of recognition as a Netflix chart-climber.
  • Following the story of a terrorist and his victim sharing seats on a plane, it serves as a nail-biting roller coaster with brilliantly portrayed main characters.

Having recently won an Academy Award for his once-in-a-lifetime performance in Christopher Nolan ’s Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy has firmly cemented his place on the pedestal of the greatest actors of today’s industry. It definitely sparked bigger public interest in his other movies, with a number of which also deserving much attention.

Back in 2005, Murphy starred in a suspenseful thriller, which is now taking the seventh place in Netflix’s Global Chart. The film’s story revolves around an aviophobic hotel manager Lisa, who gets on a plane sitting next to the mysterious Murphy’s character with a seemingly familiar to horror stories’ fans name, Jackson Rippner.

The very tension starts when he reveals he’s a terrorist on a mission to assassinate a powerful politician, and to Lisa’s dismay, she becomes his very key to success. She is threatened to lose her father getting killed by Jackson’s associate if she doesn’t machinate with the room of the terrorists’ goal in the hotel where she’s working at.

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The following sequences of Lisa’s attempts to save both her family and the innocent victims, combined with Murphy’s villain charm and horrifying speeches, are definitely a must-watch for thriller fans.

The chemistry between the main characters adds to the film’s magic, as the interaction of a criminal and his victim is acted and directed so well, that it’s easy to forget you’re watching a fictional story, not a true-crime recording.

Some people have already recognized here the synopsis of Wes Craven’s intense thriller titled Red Eye, where Rachel McAdams co-starred as Lisa. The movie was a back-then critical and box office success, grossing $96.2 million with a budget of $26 million.

Directed by the king of slashers (A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream franchises), the movie obviously brings a large amount of suspense, even though it is sometimes criticized for the simplicity of the main plot line. However, the movie stands out the most because of its leading actors’ talent and charisma, impeccably fitting their roles.

Speaking of McAdams, the actress perfectly sells her character’s “charm, strength, and vulnerability, therefore making her someone to root for, while Murphy finds the perfect balance of being charming yet menacing,” as voiced in a Reddit discussion of Red Eye.

Join people discovering Cillian Murphy’s acting range and watch him giving Stockholm syndrome’s vibes in this thriller, available on Netflix.