20 Fantastic '90s Movies You Won't Believe You Missed

20 Fantastic '90s Movies You Won't Believe You Missed
Image credit: Netflix

Whether you were a '90s kid or you're just curious about the cinematic landscape of the era, these 20 films are your ticket to a movie marathon that's all about rediscovery and nostalgia.

There's no denying that he '90s were a golden era of cinema, brimming with hidden gems that somehow slipped through the cracks of our collective memory. We're not talking about the blockbuster giants that everyone remembers; we're diving into the treasure trove of 20 great but often forgotten movies of the '90s, the ones that got overshadowed by the titans of the time but deserve their moment in the spotlight now.

These films are like the mixtapes of the '90s – eclectic, surprising, and packed with moments that deserve a rewind. From the edge-of-your-seat thrillers that had us gripping our popcorn a little too tightly, to the indie flicks that made us think and feel in ways we hadn't before, this list is a love letter to the unsung cinematic heroes of the decade. So, why revisit these forgotten 1990s gems now? Because they're like time capsules, ready to transport you back to a world where CGI was just finding its feet and movie plots were deliciously original.