20 Mind-Bending Movies That Give Nolan a Run for His Money

20 Mind-Bending Movies That Give Nolan a Run for His Money
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If you like the type of brain gymnastics that Christopher Nolan's movies force you to do, then look no further: we compiled a list of movies that will leave you in a similar state of puzzlement, which is pretty entertaining.

Wanna dive deep into the psychological shenanigans lined with mysteries and scientific thrill?

Nolan is known for making his movies seem pretty difficult. He's quite skilled in crafting these intricate and beautiful webs of mysteries that lull your sense of logic because if you dig a little bit deeper, you'll notice some inconsistencies in the writing that may render the whole plot progression almost useless.

But his works are entertaining, the way he carves these mind-bending lores surrounding his characters is very elegant and captivating.

The same is also true for some of the movies on our list: they appear difficult, deal with complicated matters and paradoxes, question fundamental things, and break some of the laws of physics, but they do so in a very entertaining way and you allow them to make little mistakes — all for the sake of satiating your need to get your brains working. These range from nearly comedic to thrilling to downright horrifying, so, enjoy.

Here are all the films mentioned: Bad Timing (1980), The Hit (1984), Source Code (2011), In the Shadow of the Moon (2019), Looper (2012), What Dreams May Come (1998), The Illusionist (2006), A Scanner Darkly (2006), Enemy (2013), In Time (2011), Identity (2003), Limitless (2011), The Adjustment Bureau (2011), The Age of Adaline (2015), Valkyrie (2008), Predestination (2014), Edge of Tomorrow ( 2014), Primer (2004), Mr. Nobody (2009), Us (2019).