20 Movies That Were Kinda Ruined By 100% Pure Fan Service

20 Movies That Were Kinda Ruined By 100% Pure Fan Service
Image credit: Marvel Studios

You can't argue that Hollywood should listen to the fans, especially when it comes to high-profile franchises. After all, they are the ones spending their money to see the film.

That said, sometimes it's better to ignore the wishes of the fans, and here are 20 films that prove that idea right:

While fans clearly want the best for their favorite franchises, sometimes they go a little overboard and demand to see something that should never be seen, like Jason Voorhees fighting Freddy Krueger.

After all, people came to love certain franchises and characters only because of the great imagination of their creators. George Lucas created Star Wars with complete creative freedom and never paid any attention to what the fans wanted from him, which made every film he made divisive but endlessly interesting.

However, the moment Disney bought the rights to the space opera, they tried to cater to some fans, which ultimately led to others being offended and choosing to boycott the franchise.

However, it's highly unlikely that major studios will change the amount of fan service in their films in the future.

All in all, we have at least 20 films that perfectly represent the wildest fans’ dreams.