20 Movies You'll Only Need to Watch Once

20 Movies You'll Only Need to Watch Once
Image credit: Toho, New Line Cinema

While most people believe that movies are made to entertain and delight, that's not really the case.

Sure, it's always great to curl up on the couch in front of the TV and watch a feel-good movie that will make you forget about the troubles of the day, but sometimes you just crave something thought-provoking and even a little unsettling, don't you?

There's a whole category of movies that are pretty uncomfortable to watch, yet profound in their nature, giving you a lot to think about while making you uncomfortable and squirming.

Here are 20 great movies we never want to see again:

Even if rewatchability is one of the best qualities a movie can have, the films mentioned above don't really need it to achieve greatness. Their directors use the sense of disgust, confusion, and shock to their fullest potential, creating movies that are difficult to stomach and, paradoxically, worth watching.

Yes, we'll never watch the movies on this list again, but we're grateful we did. These movies cleanse the soul with visions of despair, and you have to see them at least once - without them, the history of cinema wouldn't be complete, as they influenced a lot of other movies, even the most feel-good and cozy ones.