20 Old Movies So Good, They Still Hold Up in 2024

20 Old Movies So Good, They Still Hold Up in 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

Are there movies that you can say they aged like fine wine?

If you can't, then we will: we've got a list of 20 works that are still as relatable now as they were at the moment of their release. Maybe now they hit even closer to home, painfully so.

If you think that this list is generic then you probably should apply for our humble enterprise and add some fresh insight on the specifics of the cinematography.

But the thing is if we're talking about iconic movies, then we're gonna talk about things that are quite widely known, that became staples of pop culture, that changed it.

Those who are accustomed only to modern cinematography may find the origins of the tropes and the ways to execute them in the old works and realize what kind of path the movie industry traversed.

But movies from this list don't seem like relics of the old times, even if some of them are black and white and have weird proportions.

These works are the basis of the current movie industry: if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have the works that are grazing our screens now. For better or for worse.