20 Timeless Romance Movies That Still Hold Up in 2024

20 Timeless Romance Movies That Still Hold Up in 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

While romantic movies may seem simple on the surface, it actually takes a lot of directing and acting talent to make such movies good, as fans need to be sold on the idea of immense love between the protagonists.

While thousands of romantic movies have been released in Hollywood since the invention of cinema, only a few have stood the test of time.

Of course, we decided to include only hits in our list of the best romantic movies, because the fact that millions of people fell in love with the main couple and continued to watch them for decades after their premieres surely proves the quality of the productions in question.

Romance is a popular genre, but its heyday clearly ended a long time ago - the current Hollywood studio system is too obsessed with making money to care about the quality of their films, which is not the right mindset to make a really good romantic movie.

Fans always see fakeness in romantic movies, and only the most talented directors and acting ensembles managed to convey the real feeling of being in love. Some of the movies mentioned above are heartbreaking, some are bittersweet, and some are downright comforting - but all of them are masterpieces of how romantic movies should look and feel.