21 Years Later, Tarantino Still Calls This Coppola Gem His ‘Crush Movie’

21 Years Later, Tarantino Still Calls This Coppola Gem His ‘Crush Movie’
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And he’s not alone in this.

There are some movies that stay in our minds forever after the first watch, but we still come back to them from time to time. The thing is, we watch those movies again and again not because we love the cast of the story or the visuals, but because it seems like we need them.

Golden gems like these serve a particular purpose: help us feel deep emotions. And one of such movies is definitely Sofia Coppola’s 2003 masterpiece called Lost in Translation. The movie has some sort of magnetic power that just keeps you glued to the screen.

Of course, in many ways it’s thanks to Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson ’s excellent performances. In the movie, Murray plays the role of an aging movie star Bob Harris who comes to Tokyo to shoot some commercials and meets a young woman who becomes his sort of soulmate.

The woman named Charlotte is played by 17-year-old Johansson, but her character is not a teenager at all. We see her being a mature woman, who is lost in her life and doesn’t know what to expect from it any more. She befriends Bob and from that moment their unusual story takes off.

Lost in Translation has a 95% Rotten Tomatoes score and a huge fan following. Among those fans is the legendary Quentin Tarantino. He once claimed that he fell in love with the film halfway through his first viewing. And now, every time he has rewatched it, he has “had a little date” with himself.

The thing that makes the movie really incredible is the slow pace of it and the opportunity to actually feel how lonely and lost the characters are and how little they can do to change that. There’s no silly love story there, and we never needed one in the first place.

“The script is just so pure and about nothing more than two characters going through an empty period in their lives trying to make each other more whole by spending time together and bonding. Sofia Coppola really made something special here,” Redditor SuPeRfLyKiD3 said.

Lost in Translation is available to stream on Prime.

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