22 Years Later, Kristen Stewart Returns to Thrillers With a 92%-Rated Banger

22 Years Later, Kristen Stewart Returns to Thrillers With a 92%-Rated Banger
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New thrilling movie with the actress’ complex character is coming to theaters in March.


  • Kristen Stewart 's Love Lies Bleeding is a potentially big-hit genre comeback after her participation in a number of flopped thrillers.
  • The movie is paralleled to Stewart’s Panic Room, which featured a great level of suspense and was quite well-received, being released 22 years ago.

Having survived the Twilight fever, Kristen Stewart has participated in a number of ambitious projects, such as Underwater, Personal Shopper and Lizzie, which all bombed hard at the box office and didn’t manage to symbolize the actress’ loud return to successful thriller movies. Her talent could finally find a place to reveal its full potential in Love Lies Bleeding, the upcoming A24 romantic thriller directed by Rose Glass.

Stewart’s new character, gym manager Lou, comes from a criminal family that is holding the whole town in its hands by possessing an illegal weapon business and at the same time is holding the innocent family members in constant fear too. Lou falls heavily in love with bodybuilder Jackie (played by Katy O'Brian, the star of The Mandalorian ) and this romance is developing side by side with lots of steroids and crimes of Lou’ family.

It’s impossible not to draw a connection between the synopsis of Love Lies Bleeding and the mood of one of Stewart’s most remarkable before-twilight movies, Panic Room (2002) by David Fincher, where she starred with Jodie Foster as daughter and mother.

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Panic Room

The events of the film are centered in the special “panic room” where the heroines are hiding from criminals, who broke into their new house with the goal to steal the money located in the same room. It gives a lot of heart-attacking suspense, combined with the genuine acting of the two actresses and evoking discussions of feminist issues.

Both the two above-mentioned movies show strong female acting duos and extremely intriguing preambulares, which can be the main reasons for their success, even though it’s quite early to make conclusions about the new Stewart movie.

However, the first critical reviews since the film’s premiere at Sundance Film Festival on January 20 are quite enthusiastic about it (see the 92% score of the film at Rotten Tomatoes).

“Love Lies Bleeding really picks up steam, pushing its characters into increasingly tight spaces from which violence may provide the only escape,” admits Roger Ebert in his critical review.

The movie with the most anticipated Kristen Stewart’s role of the last years will be shown in a limited number of theaters on March 8, and then there comes a wide release on March 15. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch an adrenaline-pumping future banger!

Source: Roger Ebert