25 Movies of the 80s Still Better Than Anything Netflix Did in 2024

25 Movies of the 80s Still Better Than Anything Netflix Did in 2024
Image credit: Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros.

The '80s was an extremely prolific decade for the movie industry and if we could, we'd be publishing various lists based on movies from that era on a daily basis.

This time, we're going to cover the ones that we genuinely adore, and they also withstood the test of time — which makes us love them even more.

The problem with the '80s is that some of the movies from that era are nearing their half-a-century anniversary, which is concerning. The world has changed drastically in these nearly 50 years, and we did, too.

The cultural standards are different, the camera work, the CGI, and the technical aspects of moviemaking have progressed tremendously, and not every work from this decade can look and feel fine in the 2020s. But these movies proved to be timeless.

Whether it's the lack of computerized VFX or the absence of social commentary related specifically to the climate of the '80s, these works feel fun even now.

For example, the puppets in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial still feel adorable and slightly terrifying, just as they should, and the topics the movie covers can answer some questions of the modern generation. And other movies are like that, too.