3 Actors To Play Dracula In 'Blade', According To Reddit

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With the news that the Mahershala Ali-led MCU movie finally began filming this July, fans are starting to wonder which actor might play the film's possible main villain, Count Dracula himself.

Dracula and Blade go back a long way: the two legendary characters often battled each other in the original Marvel comics. And while there is no official synopsis, Bram Stoker's vampire could be the villain in the upcoming film. In a recent thread on Reddit fans discussed the perfect actor to embody this iconic role, with some really interesting names popping up.

Here are 3 actors best suited to play MCU's Dracula, according to Reddit:

Javier Bardem

The Spanish actor has long been touted for the role of Dracula, with fans dreaming of him playing the cloaked vampire for Universal or other possible projects. So why not make that wish a reality by hiring Bardem for the MCU? Fortunately, the actor hasn't appeared in Marvel movies before, so his southern charisma could easily be the new defining trait for the usually Eastern European villain. Who didn't like the prospect of seeing two Oscar-winning actors wrestle in an MCU production?

Billy Bob Thornton

If Marvel decides to opt for a more classic Dracula look, the veteran indie actor would fit the role perfectly. With his aristocratic face and decadent mannerisms, Thorton would look just perfect in a red velvet cloak. Of course, given the actor's respectable age, Feige and Co. probably won't use him in action scenes, relegating Dracula to the role of criminal mastermind. Just imagine Thornton hissing and drinking blood from the naked neck of an innocent girl – it seems that the 'Goliath' actor was born for this role.

Keanu Reeves

And finally, the man himself. Reeves has already played Jonathan Harker in Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 'Bram Stoker's Dracula', but given the actor's new long-haired looks, fans think he's more than ready to play the ultimate vampire. Reeves starring in the film will certainly heighten expectations for 'Blade' fans, but if we've learned anything substantial in the last decade, it's that Reeves rarely disappoints.

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