3 Biggest Problems with 'The Boys' S3 Finale, According to Reddit

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A lot of fans went full scorched earth mode because of how frustrated they were by that finale.

The eighth and final episode of 'The Boys' has turned out to be anticlimactic for some people, especially those who were hyped up from the beginning of the season.

Despite a lot of praise that the S3 finale received, there were also some things that simply did not sit well with fans.

Black Noir's Death

Perhaps one of the biggest disappointments was the way the show treated Black Noir. Before the finale premiere, pretty much everyone expected the mute superhero to lock horns with Soldier Boy and at least try and have his revenge for the way Jensen Ackles' character treated him in the past.

However, the showrunners decided differently. Black Noir fell victim to one of Homelander's outbursts when the latter literally tore his intestines out from his body because of Black Noir never telling him that Soldier Boy was his biological father.

Certainly it subverted the expectations, but many fans have blasted the decision as unnecessary and done merely for shock value. Black Noir's death hit especially hard in the wake of Queen Maeve miraculously surviving Soldier Boy's energy blast. Besides, the show has never truly explored Noir's powers, according to fans.

"It would hurt more if we actually knew what he could do. I mean seriously, aside from barely winning vs Kimiko once do we see him do anything? Is that it for his powers? Just be somewhat durable and have some martial arts knowledge? Just seems like a worse Maeve." – /nightcallfoxtrot.

Soldier Boy Underused?

Speaking of Soldier Boy, many fans have been left disappointed with how he was defeated and essentially put "back into the box", even though he vowed he would never return there. For many people, his story felt unfinished, with some fans arguing that showrunners should have either killed him off for good or made sure to set up a good story for him in season 5.

Moreover, some people felt it was unfair that everyone suddenly turned against Soldier Boy instead of actually working to finish Homelander.

"Yes I was so mad when everyone was taking on Soldier Boy instead of Homelander omg. Like with all that effort someone could’ve just grabbed Ryan and gotten him away from the scene so Soldier Boy could blast Homelander, but no…" – /incrediblydeadinside.

'Tin Can of a Superhero'

The final battle brought a lot of frustrations to fans. In fact, they felt that the Vought Tower stand-off was "stiff", especially when Starlight's new powers… basically did nothing to Soldier Boy despite the things initially looking promising.

"Felt very weird to have Starlight's big moment only happen because of Hughie, and then also immediately fizzle out and accomplish nothing. I thought the show runners and writers were on her side but then they heel turned and did her dirty in the finale," a Reddit user wrote.

Starlight's less than impressive take on Soldier Boy proves her to be "an absolute tin can of a superhero", according to fans, and many people who actually rooted for the character feel that the finale simply did not do her justice.

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