3 Horror Films To Look Forward To This Summer

3 Horror Films To Look Forward To This Summer
Image credit: Legion-Media

For horror film buffs who crave nothing but quality there's a whole other world of entertainingly horrific cinema waiting to be discovered this summer.

Fans of all things scary are sure to feast on some majorly creepy films this summer, with behemoths of genre returning to test the nerves of moviegoers. With so many horror films being released, narrowing it down to three movies is no easy task, but these films are sure to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding horror fans.

Men – May 20 (dir. Alex Garland)

Alex Garland is widely known as the sci-fi wizard responsible for such cult films as 'Ex Machina' and 'Annihilation', so him venturing into the horror genre is curious, to say the least. His new film will tell the story of a young woman (Jesse Buckley) who tries to cope with the death of her abusive husband (Rory Kinnear) by escaping to the English countryside. Little did she know that the image of her husband would haunt her, appearing in the most unexpected places. The trailer promised a terrifying descent into madness, and the confident performance of the lead actors combined with Garland's trademark trippy direction style is sure to make this A24 film a new fan favorite.

The Black Phone – June 24 (dir. Scott Derickson)

Ethan Hawke is on an unprecedented rise, and his upcoming performance as a deranged serial killer in Scott Derickson's film is sure to cement his status as one of the most versatile actors around. The film centers on a small town plagued by a series of child abductions and teens trying to get to the bottom of the truth. When one of the boys is kidnapped by Hawke's masked freak, he finds himself in a basement where a disconnected black phone keeps ringing. It will certainly be great to see Derickson return to his horror roots after his stint in the MCU, and with an actor like this, 'The Black Phone' is sure to ring a bell for future generations of horror fans.

NOPE – July 22 (dir. Jordan Peele)

Each new film from the director of 'Get Out' is a must-see for all movie fans, not to mention horror aficionados. The director's latest film will focus on Hollywood's only Black-owned horse ranch and the mysterious threat looming over them. Not much is known about the project, and the delightfully sinister trailer only whets fans' appetites without revealing anything of substance. Peele will reunite with Daniel Kaluuya, and with cast also boasting the likes of Steven Yeun, Keke Palmer and Barbie Ferreira prepare for something extraordinary this July.