3 Most Heart-Wrenching Scenes in 'The Rings of Power' So Far

3 Most Heart-Wrenching Scenes in 'The Rings of Power' So Far
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You didn't think you won't shed a single tear during the show's premiere, did you?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power '

On Friday, Amazon finally released the first two episodes of 'The Rings of Power', its large-scale prequel for 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit'. The show instantly takes one on a journey back to Middle-earth, providing some emotional flashbacks and tear-provoking scenes.

Let's have a look at a couple of those.

Galadriel and Finrod

In the first episodes, we get to see a lot of Valinor — an elven paradise-like land where time is merciful to them and life is nothing short of joy. However, things are looking to become darker as we follow a conversation between young Galadriel and her brother Finrod, who tells her that he won't always be around to help and guide her. To this, Galadriel responds: "You woudn't?". And Finrod changes the topic and walks away, calling her to go home.

As fans are told that elves had no word for death because they though their joy would never end, they can't help but shed a tear. Many people presumed that Finrod had a foresight moment when he quickly changed the subject, possibly realizing that something dark is yet to come.

And he wasn't that wrong...

Valinor in the Dark

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'The Rings of Power' mercilessly reminds us that the blessed elven realm will not always be a place to escape the dark. Seeing Valinor dried out and out of any color but pitch-black was painful for many fans; even though the scene is undoubtedly iconic and is only a teaser of what's coming for Middle-earth.

"The Darkening of Valinor was truly heartbreaking to see on screen and this still of the Blessed Realm drained of all colour has been stuck in my mind." - @DailyRoP

Eagles vs. Dragons?

It turns out that the Wars of Beleriand had dragons (well, technically, wyverns) fighting eagles — yes, those very eagles who many LoTR fans believed could have been simply sent to Mordor to help Frodo get rid of the Elden Ring faster.

Not only is the sequence heart-wrenching, but it also appears to immediately ditch the popular "They could have just flown to Mordor on Eagles" idea. These fell-beasts were pretty ferocious when they clashed with the majestic birds — even though some fans argued that the eagles were always a bit too overpowered, so 'The Rings of Power' finally provides some redemption for that.