3 Reasons People Are So Obsessed With 'Moon Knight'

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Moon Knight’ might be one of Marvel’s most successful TV projects, at least judging from all the excitement its debut episode caused on social media.

The first episode of 'Moon Knight' currently enjoys a 9.1/10 rating on IMDb, which makes it the highest-rated opener out of all MCU series released so far. Twitter trends are dominated by the show, and it seems like even people who are not fond of MCU are drawn to their screens.

How come? Let's dig into what people say they enjoyed the most about 'Moon Knight'. Oh, and yes – spoilers are on the way.

Oscar Isaac

Social media is in love with Oscar Isaac. Look like everything about the first episode of 'Moon Knight' has conquered the fans' hearts: his look, his manners, and, of course, the acting itself.

Even the way he deals with fans is charming.


You can't seriously love a show for its credits scene. Or can you? 'Moon Knight' stans can argue.

But it's not just the aesthetics of the credits, it's also about the message. Since the show revolves around dissociative identity disorder, Marvel included mental health hotline to the credits – and the gesture did not go unnoticed.


Yes, it seems like weirdness is a good thing if you play it right. According to Time's review, 'Moon Knight' is "very weird and it's a good thing".

Many users think that the line "There's chaos in you" pretty much summarises the first episode. And the chaotic pace of the series seems to be working just fine for now: people are excited to see what's next as they embark on the journey alongside Steve Grant a.k.a. Mark Spector a.k.a. Moon Knight.

'Moon Knight' is streaming on Disney Plus, with the first episode released on March 30. The finale is slated for May 4.

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