3 Reasons Why Euphoria S2 Ultimately Beats S1

3 Reasons Why Euphoria S2 Ultimately Beats S1
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There wasn't even a competition. It just happened!

The dark teen drama Euphoria became a huge sensation after its release in 2019. The main reason for this was the atmosphere of the show, which was created by everything from the casting choices to every little storyline.

The MAX series created such a buzz that it became impossible to sit on the sidelines and ignore the impact it had on society. The show captured the lives of high school students as they struggled with drugs, sex, and violence. And it was the contrast between youth and the harsh realities of life that created a viral portrait of growing up today.

Season 1 received 6.6 million views on the platforms it was hosted on in its first 90 days. But Euphoria season 2, which returned 3 years later, rocked the world with record-breaking statistics. The episodes averaged 16.3 million viewers per episode.

And there are specific reasons why season 2 of the show was even more successful than its debut.

1. Hype is the key

Euphoria became one of the most controversial series on television in recent years. Despite the show's deeply disturbing, dark content, it was impossible for fans to resist, even if it was through their fingers.

In fact, it was the controversy of the show's storyline and visuals that made it a hit.

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The show's focus on sensitive issues such as unresolved trauma and drug addiction seemed revolutionary, but for some, its focus on high school students was borderline controversial.

Whether Euphoria's exploration of these issues was appreciated or loathed, the line it walked after season one generated the necessary amount of hype. Just to keep fans waiting to see what season 2 brings to the table.

2. Who runs the world? Social Media

The next reason is actually related to the first one. Euphoria became a true social media viral. By the end of its second season, it was the most tweeted about show of the decade, with 34 million Twitter posts in the US.

Euphoria's Internet reign didn't end on Twitter. TikTok, Instagram and some other platforms became obsessed with the show. From episode recaps to memes, it just all over the Internet.

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3. Zendaya the Gen Z Star

And of course, it would be unfair not to mention the show's star, Zendaya. Her portrayal of Rue in Euphoria is one of the many relatable characters on the show.

By the time Euphoria season 1 was released, she was already a well-known Hollywood star. But it was not until after the season finale that Zendaya would transform into the celebrity sensation she is today.

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Her talent has earned her the distinction of being the youngest person to win two acting Emmys, an honor that will undoubtedly bring audiences back for Euphoria season 3 and continue the trend of returning bigger and better.

Source: Variety