3 Reasons Why 'She-Hulk' Has the Worst CGI in Marvel History

Image credit: Disney+

Some fans are so angry with the show's first trailer that they might also see themselves turning green at some point.

The first look at Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk has made history, but for a pretty unflattering reason. Fans just can't stop lamenting at how bad the CGI is in the trailer, making Maslany's Jennifer Walters look like a bad movie version of Fiona from 'Shrek'.

But nothing happens without a reason, and many witty users came up with some explanations as to why 'She-Hulk' effects were this bad.

In fact, we are no strangers to the first and most obvious reason: the VFX artists simply did not have enough time to make everything right.

Another reason could be even more prosaic, given that people may have forgotten that CGI scenes are actually pricy, and the show is based around the VFX-made character.

Although some people can legitimately argue that Marvel might have just enough money to cover these costs.

But there are fans who believe that the reason behind failed CGI might also be somewhat sexist, arguing that Marvel creators simply want to keep the female character look "pretty" even though she is supposed to transform into an ugly green monster.

For everyone who is furious about the bad CGI in the trailer, 'She-Hulk' still got a couple months before hitting screens on August 17. Now that fans unleashed their criticism, it's likely that the creators might pay even more attention to fix any CGI-related tweaks in the final product.

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