3 'The Rings of Power' Characters Who Might Be Sauron

3 'The Rings of Power' Characters Who Might Be Sauron
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Looks can be deceiving, as a certain someone puts it.

Three episodes into 'The Rings of Power ', fans are still suspicious about pretty much everyone they see on screen, because at this point, literally any character can turn out to be the big bad guy of the series.

Sauron — the dark wizard who is behind all evil in Middle-earth — has been in the shadows in 'The Rings of Power', only briefly appearing in the first minutes of episode 1 in his full armor and surrounded by orcs.

However, since then, Sauron remains a vague threat somewhere "out there" — a fact that torments Galadriel, one of the main characters, who is on a mission to hunt the dark lord down and destroy him for good. Up to this point, fans have several characters in mind when they speak of suspected "Saurons".


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One of the obvious characters was Halbrand — an original character whose first line was "Looks can be deceiving". Can they, though? Sauron, who is known in the books for being able to shape-shift, could have turned himself into a man from Southlands pretending to have bad blood with orcs but actually plotting a sinister plan while having Galadriel by his side.

However, now that Halbrand and Galadriel ended up in Numenor, many fans have second thoughts about the elf's new friend. Now, a lot of people believe that he might be a lost king of men and an ancestor of Aragorn.

The Stranger

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Don't get us wrong, but when someone falls down on a meteor and is credited as "the stranger", it's only natural to suspect him of being a clandestine villain. Hardly able to speak and "occasionally killing fireflies", the Stranger is suspected of being either Gandalf or Sauron — which is already a weird range.

One of the things that has fans particularly uneasy about him is how the lava around the Stranger was cold when he landed on a meteor. At the beginning of the show, Galadriel said that the torches of her elves were not emanating warmth because of how evil supressed it. Could it be the same with the Stranger?..


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A mysterious and a devious figure of Adar has become a centrepiece of episode 3, as it was even titled after the character. We barely saw him, but we know that orcs idolize him, and some people believe that he is a successor of Morgoth — the first dark lord of Middle-earth and a predecessor of Sauron. It kinda falls in line, doesn't it?

Adar might as well be just another original character of 'The Rings of Power', or some kind of a mediator between the orcs and Sauron, like Nazguls or simply some corrupted men of Southlands.

'The Rings of Power' is streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes arriving every Friday. There are five more to come until season 1 wraps up.