3 Things To Expect From Matt Reeves' Arkham Series, According to Reddit

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HBO Max already ordered several series spawned from Matt Reeves' successful 'The Batman' movie, but the most interesting of them is perhaps the project set in the iconic Arkham Asylum.

It looks like Warner Bros. is ready to invest into some sort of a parallel universe to the DCEU, as Matt Reeves has been given the opportunity to develop a whole new chapter in DC Comics history, with a sequel to Robert Pattinson's Batman movie being greenlit and Colin Farrell's Penguin getting his own HBO Max series. But fans are all pondering one thing and one thing only – what could Reeves' Arkham series be about?

Thanks to Reddit, we have some pretty interesting theories detailing the possible cast of characters and the supposed plot. Since very few details are known at the moment, fans reign supreme, not letting anything stop their flight of fancy. And it seems that some of the ideas are quite worthy, as one user suggested the perfect protagonist to hold the whole series together.

"I'm hoping it's Gordon as the main protag. But yeah definitely going to be A Serious House on Serious Earth. I'm curious to see how the cinematography will be executed. I imagine (read: hope) that they pull of some night terror-like sequences." – /daintysinferno.

Others believe that the upcoming series could be a great launching pad for many of the classic Batman villains that will be featured in the Pattinson's films in the future.

"I'd love that. Especially if it ends up introducing some villains and their backstories through the series. That would be a good way to keep the universe going and establish more characters that can show up in the films without needing a lot of time spent developing them. Hopefully this show comes sooner rather than later. It'll definitely help with the wait between films." – /BatmanWhoRaves.

And one fan managed to present just the perfect narrative outline for the Arkham series, using a little-known cartoon episode as a model.

"Do y’all remember that episode of btas where the villains all discuss how they were caught by the Batman. I know it won’t be this but how cool would it be if each episode was the villain discussing their first encounter with the bat alongside flashbacks and stuff. Or just giving us their backstory even," – /Axelpurcell.

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