3 Times Harry Potter Ruined Everything By Being an It Boy

3 Times Harry Potter Ruined Everything By Being an It Boy
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Even heroes like Harry Potter make irreparable mistakes in the name of good.

Harry Potter is, of course, the undisputed hero of the Wizarding world, who allowed wizards to free themselves from Voldemort's oppression.

However, even Harry Potter makes mistakes, and some of them have absolutely changed the course of history.

This is a list of Harry Potter's mistakes that prevented him from defeating He Who Cannot Be Named much faster and easier.

Not letting Peter Pettigrew die

Everyone remembers how Harry decided to pardon Peter Pettigrew for the death of his parents. What a noble decision!

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But fans believe that if Harry had had Sirius kill the former rat, or even dealt with him himself, a lot of problems could have been avoided.

Undoubtedly, Peter's death would not mean that Voldemort could not be reborn – there would certainly be other minions of the Dark Lord to help him.

However, the process would have been delayed, Voldemort would have been reborn later, and Dumbledore would have had more time to find the Horcruxes and come up with a better plan.

Although we understand that the cold-blooded killing of the enemy is not in the character's nature. Well, Harry Potter could have at least stunned Peter so he wouldn't run away...

Sharing the victory with Cedric

Another situation where Harry wanted to do his best, but it turned out... Well, we all know what happened. Once again, Harry's nobility played a cruel joke on him.

Cedric was ready to give the victory to Harry for saving his life, but it was the latter who insisted that they touch the cup together.

If Harry had listened to Cedric, he would have fallen into the clutches of the minions and then Voldemort himself alone, and Cedric would have survived and fans would not have had to watch one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the franchise.

Buying a fake vision from Voldemort

Harry could not have foreseen the consequences of this particular decision, but that doesn't make it any less painful.

Voldemort sent Harry a fake full HD real-time vision of Sirius being tortured. And of course, Harry could not stay away, so he ran full speed to the Department of Mysteries.

It is logical that if Harry had not been there, Sirius and the Order of the Phoenix would not have participated in the battle too, and Sirius would have survived.

But who knows what would have happened to him next, and fans are glad that at least Sirius died a heroic death protecting who he loved.