3 Times Marvel Referenced DC (And 3 Times DC Nodded to Marvel)

3 Times Marvel Referenced DC (And 3 Times DC Nodded to Marvel)
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Warner Bros.

Even though Marvel and DC are always competing, sometimes they can't help but wink at each other.

Marvel and DC are the ultimate frenemies. They're always battling for who's got the cooler heroes or the best movies, but it’s always fun when they give each other shoutouts.

Marvel's Eternals Tips a Hat to Superman

In one of the scenes of Eternals, Ikaris pays a visit to Phastos. Ikaris lands on their lawn all superhero-like, and Phastos' kiddo yells, "Dad, that’s Superman!" He even mentions the cape and the laser eyes. Not many Marvel movies go this far with the DC shoutouts, but when they do, they do it with style.

Stan Lee Drops By in DC’s Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

In Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, we get a cartoon Stan Lee goofing around, dancing, and even saying he loves cameos, but then he realizes it’s a DC movie. Stan Lee voiced himself, and this happens to be one of the final times he made a cameo before the legend sadly left us.

Eternals Again: Saying Hi to Alfred

Eternals was on fire with these references. Another moment that got fans grinning was when Gilgamesh calls Kingo’s valet, Karun, "Alfred." For those who might not know, Alfred is Batman 's ride-or-die butler and mentor. So, with one movie, Marvel managed to give props to not just one but two of DC's iconic heroes.

DC League of Super-Pets: Marvel Heroes in Animal Form

Over in the DC League of Super-Pets, PB the pig wants to remind Krypto he's not alone. There's a whole team out there, including characters with names like The Mighty Oink and Squirrelverine. Those names sound suspiciously like Thor and Wolverine. A little Marvel reference sneaked into a DC movie.

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Iron Man 3: Tony’s Super Friends

The old-school show Super Friends was a DC classic back in the day. So, in Iron Man 3, when Happy Hogan calls Tony Stark's Avengers buddies his Super Friends, it was like Marvel giving a high-five to a classic DC show. The movie was met with mixed opinions, but that reference was priceless.

"Not Deadpool " in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Deathstroke is the villain of the film. Throughout the movie, the Titans can't stop calling him Deadpool, even though he keeps trying to correct them. That’s a sneaky nod to the fact that Deadpool was created based on Deathstroke.