3 Worst Ideas For Stranger Things Finale, According to Fans 

3 Worst Ideas For Stranger Things Finale, According to Fans 
Image credit: Netflix

Ready to see how your favorite show can be ruined?

Stranger Things is another Netflix hit that keeps its fans in a state of anticipation for the final installment. Season 5 has yet to be released, so there is nothing left to do but binge the previous seasons, or better yet, create your own theories about the future of the show.

So fans gathered on Reddit and just started sharing their own versions of how the writers could ruin the show and leave them unsatisfied. A bit masochistic, some might say. Well, that depends on how you look at it.

The fan who started the thread (which became extremely popular in a matter of hours) suggested that the worst-case scenario for ending the series would be to go the old way and use all the golden tropes that exist in modern television.

“Like Will sacrificing himself and then in the epilogue Mike and El have a son that they name after Will. That’s just so seen already and I trust that the writers come up with something original, more interesting,” Redditor Tiutautikli shared.

But little did that user know what a bomb he had dropped on the rest of the fans. The craziest ideas began to flood the Internet. One of them is that Will is possessed by Vecna. Now that's an unexpected twist!

“Only Will, Mike, and El are left in the final episode. All of Hawkins had been consumed by the upside down. El figures out that Will is possessed and knows she has to kill Will in order to kill Vecna. She struggles to find the courage and strength to attack Will. Mike encourages her to do so in order to save the world. She is heartbroken and crying when she kills Will,” Redditor Sweetbeans2001 said.

And as if that was not enough, another fan was there to support the insane idea. But in his reality, Steve finds out that Vecna possessed someone in the group, except he doesn’t know who exactly. So he kills everybody.

“We then have a 10 minute scene where Steve is a discount Mike Myers that's overtaken with paranoia, trying to kill anyone he sees. The group finally surrounds him at a dead end. Out of options, he lets out one more guttural scream and slices his throat,” Redditor GladLocal9766 said.

Well, it's nice to see that fans of the show have such vivid imaginations, although it would be a real shame if the finale of Stranger Things actually brought any of the above ideas to fruition.