4 Deleted Scenes from Tarantino Movies That Never Left Editing Room (But Should’ve)

4 Deleted Scenes from Tarantino Movies That Never Left Editing Room (But Should’ve)
Image credit: The Weinstein Company

These cuts could only be an enhancement to Tarantino's masterpieces.

There is probably not a single movie that has not had at least a few interesting moments cut out. Sometimes the script changes during filming, or scenes get remade beyond recognition.

Luckily, Tarantino regularly lets us know which scenes never made it out of the editing room, and we are able to get a more complete impression of his movies.

1. Kill Bill Vol. 2

During filming, Quentin Tarantino kept coming up with new scenes. As a result, there was so much material that it was split into two movies. But even that was not enough: something had to be cut. So now, viewers can only guess about Bill's fighting skills.

In the second volume there was a spectacular fight scene with a martial artist. Bill not only showed brilliant Kung Fu, but also excellent sword-fighting skills.

2. Django Unchained

This deleted scene was intended to reveal Broomhilda’s backstory and how she find herself in Candyland. However, the entire episode took up more than half an hour, and given the already long running time of the movie, it was decided to cut it.

The scene revealed that Broomhilda sold herself to a man named Scott, who later lost her in a card game to Calvin Candie.

3. Reservoir Dogs

Mr. White was supposed to reveal some of his secrets in one of the deleted scenes of Reservoir Dogs. However, according to the director, such an expansion of the character's story was unnecessary and it was decided to remove the episode.

According to the plot, Mr. White undergoes a background check at the police station, where he interacts with the only speaking female character in the entire movie. The policewoman lays out the facts of Mr. White's life, and the audience learns that he has a fondness for dual 45-caliber pistols.

4. Inglorious Basterds

One of Tarantino's best movies, Inglourious Basterds, also had some deleted scenes. In one of the episodes, we were supposed to discover how Shosanna settled in France and became the owner of the movie theater where the main events of the finale take place.

Viewers should have been introduced to Shosanna's aunt Madame Mimieux, played by actress Maggie Cheung. She discovered her niece hiding in the theater and suggested they go into business together. After her aunt died, the theater was taken over by Shosanna, who also took the surname Mimieux.