4 Scenes That Were Clearly Way Too Dark For Their PG Movies

4 Scenes That Were Clearly Way Too Dark For Their PG Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media

Sometimes when young viewers see a PG or even a G-rated movie, they get more than they bargained for.

Movie ratings exist for a reason, mostly so that parents know what to expect when deciding what to show their children.

But sometimes, particularly dark and disturbing scenes make their way into movies rated PG or even G, giving young viewers nightmares for years to come.

Here are four such examples that came out of nowhere and scared more than one generation of children.

Melting (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

This movie is filled with scenes that walk the line, from the overly sexualized Jessica Rabbit ("I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way") to the extremely creepy Judge Doom (his line "And I talked, Just, LIKE, THIS!" still haunts our nightmares), but the highlight comes when the aforementioned judge melts in a pool of chemicals.

The screaming alone is horror-movie worthy, and the visuals only enhance the feeling.

Clayton's Death (Tarzan)

An animated Disney classic, Tarzan has everything to be loved: great story, great characters, and great visuals.

And the final confrontation between the titular hero and the treacherous Clayton had one of the darkest conclusions in Disney history.

Clayton becomes entangled in vines and falls from the tree, accidentally hanging himself. A flash of lightning outlines the shadow of his lifeless body.

Although it looks cool, hanging bodies are not exactly child-friendly material.

Opening the Arc of the Covenant (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

The legendary 1981 adventure film by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, the first installment in the Indiana Jones franchise is considered one of the greatest films ever made.

With a gripping story and entertaining action, it is perfect for all ages.

Except for the surprisingly gruesome scene near the end when unsuspecting Nazis have their heads exploded and faces melted after releasing the ghosts and bolts of energy from the titular arc. How very PG.

Boat Ride (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

In an overall child-friendly movie, this particular scene stands out for how completely unexpected it is.

During a boat ride through the factory, the scene suddenly fills with psychedelic colors and disturbing images, accompanied by Willy Wonka 's dead-eyed stare and eerie narration.

Then it ends as suddenly as it began, leaving the characters and the audience in shock.