5 Best Adult Swim Shows Besides Rick and Morty

5 Best Adult Swim Shows Besides Rick and Morty
Image credit: Adult Swim

Looking for the wildest animated shows? Adult Swim is for you.

We've all heard of Rick and Morty. But in addition to this mainstream show, Adult Swim has regularly surprised us over the years with absurd, trashy, and experimental animated projects.

1. The Brak Show

The Brak Show is styled like a typical old-fashioned sitcom. If you look closely, you will notice the featured of popular teen shows such as Daria, where children experience life on their own and parents only sometimes appear in the background.

The plot revolves around the space cat Brak and his family. Mom, also a cat, is responsible for keeping the house in order. Dad is the only human in the show, but he's very small. And Brak himself tries to survive in the confusing world of teenagers.

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2. Ballmastrz: 9009

People have destroyed the world, and in order to save what is left of civilization, the space dictator Crayzar creates a cruel sports game. Two teams meet on the field and their task is to score as many goals as possible, killing their opponents in the process. Now, in the dystopian world, there is no place for war, because everyone can become famous by playing on the field.

Ballmastrz: 9009 is a satire of the anime genre. There are exaggerated emotions of the characters, and a lot of references, for example in one of the episodes the characters wear costumes from Sailor Moon.

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3. Squidbillies

Squidbillies is an animated series that follows the daily life of the Cuylers, a poor family of squids. For hundreds of episodes, the main characters curse, drink, destroy everything around them, die, get reborn, but somehow always go unpunished. Why? Because they are an endangered species.

This surreal and crazy show has a whopping 13 seasons, so you can prepare for a long ride with the endangered squids.

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4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a show in the "what's even going on here?" genre. There is always some wild thing happening that defies explanation. But this does not make the show dull, on the contrary, it increases the amount of laughter many times over.

The plot tells the story of three representatives of junk food: a milkshake Master Shake, a bag of fries Frylock, and a meatball, Meatwad. They rent a house in New Jersey and try to find jobs.

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5. Smiling Friends

Smiling Friends is a small charity organization whose main mission is to bring happiness to the world. The plot revolves around the daily lives and misadventures of the company's representatives – the cynical Charlie and the cheerful Pim.

Smiling Friends can rightly be called a good substitute for Rick and Morty. They are just as crazy and chaotic, but do not reduce everything to family values. The main goal of this show is to laugh at the reality we all live in.