5 Best Attack on Titan's Fights, Ranked By the Gasps We Gasped 

5 Best Attack on Titan's Fights, Ranked By the Gasps We Gasped 
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Attack on Titan is a story about overcoming your fears, courage, loyalty, love, and comradeship. There is a lot of death, fighting, blood and tears.

We've rounded up five of the most epic and spectacular battles to make your heart skip a beat.

5. Levi's Battle with Kenny

In the cave battle, it was decided to add a scene that was not in the manga: a fight between Kenny and Levi. The reason for this is quite clear, as these two characters have a long history, and in the manga only one clash between them was shown: the creators of the anime decided to add on to the confrontation between Mentor and Apprentice.

Fighting scenes with Levi is a special kind of pleasure for all fans of Attack on Titan, and when he fights against such a skilled enemy as Kenny, the level of spectacularity reaches the highest possible level.

4. Battle for Shiganshina

Attack on Titan has always had a reputation for battles that are beyond the imagination in terms of their ferocity and scale. The battle between the Survey Corps and the Marleyan Army forced the main characters to undergo difficult trials that revealed a new side to them.

The changes in the story were epic: Erwin Smith and most of the Survey Corps died, Armin became Colossal, and the truth about the outside world in Grisha Yeager's basement was finally revealed. This fateful battle became a landmark for Attack on Titan.

3. Eren's Battle with the War Hammer Titan

During the festival in Liberio, the Survey Corps surprises the Marleyan military. The consequences are stunning and terrifying in their magnitude: almost the entire leadership of the Marleyan army is dead, and their fleet is destroyed. But the most spectacular sequence of the entire episode was the battle between Eren and the War Hummer Titan.

This is deservedly one of the bloodiest and most shocking battles of the entire anime. And the moment when the Attack Titan cracked the War Hammer's crustal casing using the Jaw Titan left literally everyone with their mouths open.

2. Levi's Battle with the Beast Titan

It would be boring if the characters only fought each other once and then resolved the conflict immediately, right? That's why the confrontation between Levi and Zeke lasted three battles. Although the Beast fled behind Wall Maria after the first battle, they were destined to meet again.

Their epic fight was bloody, for both understood that only one would come out alive. This time, the power was on the side of the humans – Levi managed to kill the enemy with four thunder spears (but as we know, Zeke wasn't dead for long).

1. Final Battle

And of course, the final battle comes first. The opening 45 minutes of the final episode are non-stop action. The characters fly with VME, rip off enemies' heads and transform into Titans themselves; the pace of the story never slows down, even for those viewers who have read the manga and know how it all ends.

And perhaps the most epic moment of the whole final battle was the lightning-fast killing of Zeke by Levi. Ackerman finally made good on his vow.