5 Best Henry Cavill Scenes in The Witcher to Remember Him By

5 Best Henry Cavill Scenes in The Witcher to Remember Him By
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As Henry Cavill leaves The Witcher, we gathered up a few memorable scenes from all three seasons to make sure we all remember his Geralt in all his glory and brilliance.

5. When The Butcher of Blaviken Was Born

One of Geralt’s least favorite titles is The Butcher of Blaviken, but the scene that showcases how this epithet came to be is immaculate. The entire fighting sequence was performed brilliantly by both Henry Cavill and his co-star Emma Appleton, and apart from the battle itself, it provided deep insights into the soul of the Witcher. Killing Renfri was not a choice he was willing to make but the one he had to make.

4. When the Two Ex-Lovers Reunited Again

After Geralt and Yennefer were bound by the djinn’s magic, the sorceress was furious and left the Witcher for good. All the more emotional and unexpected was their reunion in the next season as both presumed another was dead or lost. While the writers wanted the scene to be sexual more than anything, Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra turned it into a beautiful, emotionally revealing beat.

3. When a New Family Was Born from Ashes

Geralt of Rivia had been a loner wolf for decades by the time he found himself holding a sword to Yennefer’s throat and willing to kill the woman he loved to protect Ciri. It was the long tension-filled pause after the sorceress asked him whether Ciri was his when the Witcher finally realized that the girl was now his daughter, the person he would do anything for and kill anyone to protect.

2. When the Old Wound Was Reopened

For his entire life, Geralt was led by the pain of a child left by his mother, but the viewers didn’t know that. So it took great mastery from Henry Cavill to vividly portray an entire lifetime of suffering and ignorance, to reveal the broken child inside of the emotionally distanced Witcher, and to explain every choice that he’d made by far — all within a single scene and with just a few lines of dialogue.

1. When There Was No Fun to Be Had

Unlike the other points in our list, this one is not a scene but an entire episode. The Art of Illusion saw Geralt and Yennefer on the Aretuza Ball — the one place the Witcher was least interested in being at. Bored as he was, the White Wolf had his fun the only way he knew: with his dry humor and pretend ignorance. Henry Cavill manages to show off his comedic chops without breaking Geralt’s grim character.

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