5 Best Old-Time Gems on CBS to Watch Instead of NCIS

5 Best Old-Time Gems on CBS to Watch Instead of NCIS
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Tons of good stuff to choose from.

Everyone knows that CBS is America's most watched network, and it's home to many extremely popular long-running shows. The example that we all know for sure is The Big Bang Theory, and of course, how can we live without NCIS, right?

But before they became the most popular shows in the world, there were many other amazingly crafted projects on CBS – the ones that are still considered genre-defining or groundbreaking pieces of television.

Here are 5 old but gold shows you need to watch right now to feel the brilliance of days gone by.

1. Magnum, P.I. (1980)

Missed Tom Selleck 's mustache? Well, time to check out the young version of it. In Magnum, P.I., the actor plays Detective Thomas Sullivan, a former Navy lieutenant and Vietnam Special Forces veteran who resigned his commission at the age of thirty-three. The main reason? To move to Hawaii and live the life he never had when he was younger.

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The story is compelling, showing Thomas trying to keep it all real while working hard as a detective and still trying to enjoy the place he ended up living. The show is considered a classic and probably even the best of Selleck’s works.

2. M*A*S*H (1972)

The iconic comedy-drama that aired for 9 years is still considered a groundbreaking show. The series focuses on the trials and tribulations of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. All the characters realize that they are in a very tragic and difficult situation, but with the help of each other, they make life go on, choosing laughter over tears.

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Many critics and viewers claim that M*A*S*H was the comedy that changed television, and the impression after watching it long ago still lingers.

“It's probably one of the funniest shows ever made. The show is genuinely funny and you'll smile at the weaker jokes and laugh at the stronger ones. I don't like it when tv shows use laugh-tracks because it feels like they're trying to force laughter from you. MASH doesn't need to,” one redditor said.

3. WKRP in Cincinnati (1978)

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This office comedy walked so The Office could run. The series focuses on the quirky staff of a struggling rock radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio. With its adorable cast, the show presents an engaging and often hilarious look at the chaos and behind the scenes teamwork of the broadcasting world.

“It's obviously got moments where it really is of its time. But the thing that keeps it relevant is that it's a workplace comedy with a cast that worked extremely well together. There are no weak characters. They are all very clearly defined and the show worked with the quirks of the characters. Not against them,” Redditor m0rris0n_hotel said.

4. I Love Lucy (1951)

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The legendary comedy starring the amazing Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, and Vivian Vance is definitely a timeless classic of the genre, and if you consider yourself a fan of it, give the show a try.

At the center of the series is a young woman who is the wife of a bandleader, and her life's mission is to become a star, no matter what and no matter how many times she fails. And it's the journey to stardom that's so delightfully hilarious.

5. Criminal Minds ( 2005)

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You may think that we made a mistake including the series that premiered in 2005 to the list of old gems, but no, Criminal Minds is a big part of CBS’s legacy so we are sure the show has to be included (and 2005 was almost 20 years ago, you’re welcome).

The wildly popular crime procedural, which is still on the air, delves deep into the darkest corners of humanity, following a team of FBI agents led by Aaron Hotchner, played by Thomas Gibson. Its riveting character dynamics and heart-pounding storylines have earned it critical acclaim and thousands of fans.