5 Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes, Ranked By IMDb Users

5 Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes, Ranked By IMDb Users
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It's okay to have a favorite episode that you find some beauty or comfort in for any show, including sitcoms. The reasons can vary: from the theme the episode explores to the hilarious celebrity cameo. However, there are some episodes that are universally recognized as the best, and IMDb ratings can help determine them.

Here are the top 5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, as rated by IMDb users.

5. The Change Constant (S12E23) – 9.0

The first part of the two-part finale captured the hearts of The Big Bang Theory fans with Sheldon's sudden fear and vulnerability about the upcoming changes in their lives. The feeling of it all becoming too much is familiar to everyone, and Jim Parsons captured it perfectly.

4. The Staircase Implementation (S3E22) – 9.0

This episode reveals two big mysteries that have been hidden from fans for years: how the hell did Sheldon and Leonard become roommates, and what happened to the apartment building's forever-broken elevator. It's fun, heartfelt and nostalgic, which perfectly explains the high ratings.

3. The Opening Night Excitation (S9E11) – 9.0

The Big Bang Theory fandom has come to a consensus on the best guest star ever, and it has to be Wil Wheaton. He fits perfectly into the energy of the cast and made the episode both memorable and hysterically funny. His appearance at the Star Wars premiere dressed as Spock alone deserves all kinds of awards.

2. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (S2E11) – 9.1

Each and every Christmas episode holds a special place in the hearts of the viewers as it usually explores all the friendships and relationships between the characters. Such is the case with this episode and the struggle Sheldon faces in finding a gift for Penny in exchange for the one she gave him.

1. The Stockholm Syndrome (S12E24) – 9.5

It's not uncommon for the final episode of a show to get high ratings, as the writers usually pull out all the stops to make the finale worthwhile. However, The Big Bang Theory team went above and beyond, giving fans everything they have wanted to see for years in a farewell celebration for all of their favorite characters.