5 Big Bang Theory Episodes That Prove Sitcoms Can Be Just As Sad As Dramas

5 Big Bang Theory Episodes That Prove Sitcoms Can Be Just As Sad As Dramas
Image credit: CBS

Bring on the tissues to your next re-watch party.

Though The Big Bang Theory is better known for Sheldon Cooper's snarky comments and popularizing nerd culture for a general audience, the show has had many more thoughtful and serious moments than you might imagine.

From exploring abusive family relationships to going through all the stages of grief, here are the top 5 moments that prove a good sitcom is one that can handle emotion.

The Platonic Permutation (S9E9)

Although Sheldon and Amy’s breakup was harsh to see, this little moment of unexpected sincerity when Sheldon says “I excel at many things, but getting over you wasn't one of them” hit the audience even worse.

As much as everyone was rooting for the couple to get back together, the hearts of the viewers especially ached for Sheldon.

The Wheaton Recurrence (S3E19)

Another breakup that might’ve been even more heartbreaking was the breakup between Penny and Leonard after she found herself struggling to say “I love you” back to him.

It was clear from the very beginning that these two would find their way back to each other, but at the moment it felt like the end of something that didn’t even have a chance to bloom.

The Status Quo Combustion (S7E24)

Stewart’s comic book shop was so loved by so many characters, as well as by so many viewers, that it was hard to watch him throw away every burned-down book in a bin without your eyes watering. It was obviously a heartbreaking moment for both Stewart and Sheldon to share, no matter how hard laugh tracks tried to prove the audience wrong.

The Comic Book Store Regeneration (S8E15)

The death of Mrs. Wolowit has hit the fandom even worse than it did Howard himself. Unfortunately, the show had to say goodbye to the character due to the passing of an actress who portrayed her throughout the years, Carol Ann Susi. This sad connection to real life has made an episode even harder to watch.

The Maternal Conclusion (S12E22)

Throughout the whole show, the viewers had to watch Leonard undergo a lot of abuse from his own mother. While he was seemingly uncomfortable and upset, there was no resolution to it until the very end when he found the strength to stand up against her and have a conversation. It was a pure joy to see, but made everyone shed a tear.