5 Characters Who Almost Single-Handedly Ruined Good TV Shows

5 Characters Who Almost Single-Handedly Ruined Good TV Shows
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They had so much potential.

Every decision made during the writing process can make or break a TV show. A wrong choice for a crucial role or a wrong role itself can have irreversible consequences and affect the quality of the show.

Here are 5 times the actor's and the character's performance was so poor it almost ruined a good show.

1. Justin H. Min as Ben (The Umbrella Academy )

We mean the annoying version of him in Season 3. What was the point of bringing Ben back just to show him as a total jerk? New Ben just ruined everything we knew about the old good one.

His alternate version came across as constantly complaining, insecure, and unpleasant, lacking any redeeming qualities, and he completely destroyed his character development from the previous seasons.

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2. Matthew Fox as Jack (Lost)

Despite the show's intention for viewers to support Jack and make him the main hero, we found ourselves becoming frustrated whenever he appeared.

His poor decision-making, constant whining, and annoying behavior made it almost unbearable to stand him.

You know that feeling when the character annoys you so much that you start hating the actor? This is one of those cases.

Oh, and the man literally took planes in the hope that they would crash, not caring about other passengers. A hero with zero sympathies and empathy? Meh.

3. Charlie Heaton as Jonathan (Stranger Things )

Maybe we're angry that he came between Nancy and Steve, or maybe he wasn't interesting at all. The fact that he secretly took inappropriate photos of Nancy and then became romantically involved with her makes us sick.

The character had great potential for development, but the writers decided to keep him as a creep, which makes us wonder why Nancy is still with him.

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4. Selena Gomez as Mabel (Only Murders in the Building )

Don't get us wrong. We love Selena and we love her character Mabel Mora. It just seems that the crime-loving and detail-oriented girl had so much potential to show the audience, but most of the time she looked and acted flat.

Even though Selena's character is supposed to be closed and sarcastic all the time, it was sometimes hard to watch her deliver the lines because she acted too uninterested in the process.

But we still consider her, Steve Martin, and Martin Short an iconic trio.

5. Dominic Fike as Elliot (Euphoria )

Elliot's purpose in the show seemed unclear and frustrating. His actions forced other characters to behave weirdly. For example, when Jules decided to sleep with him out of the blue.

He also knew about Rue's plan to sell drugs but allowed Jules and Rue's mother to dispose of them, and then he was the one who demanded an apology from Rue.

Sorry, what? And his long damn singing for half the episode — why? Anyway, goodbye, Elliot, we hope to never see you again.

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