5 Choral Movie Soundtracks That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

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Sometimes, the atmosphere of a certain moment in a film can be brought to perfection by a good soundtrack.

Music is undoubtedly important for movies and television, because it is one of the essential cinematic ways to immerse the viewer into the world or create the mood that is needed for the scene. Some of the soundtracks have become absolutely iconic and even got their own life aside from their movies: from orchestral covers to — yep — TikTok trends.

Others, however, are inseparable from the films. When you hear certain songs, you immediately think of a movie as the music brings you back into your favorite universe.

We at Startefacts believe that choral soundtracks are a level-up, as nothing is more certain to give you chills than those. If you like choir in movies as much as we do, wait no more, grab your headphones and check out our favs:

The Hobbit — Misty Mountains Cold

The Lord of the Rings universe just asks for a good choral song, doesn't it? The best shot at it arguably belongs to The Hobbit, with Thorin and his fellow dwarves delivering a restrained but heartfelt acapella song that channels their people's grief and loss. If you were Bilbo, would you be able to reject the call to adventure after that performance?

Pirates of the Carribbean — Hoist the Colors

The iconic pirate hymn will have you longing for sea breeze and angry waves even if your most favorite thing in the world is sitting at home and, say, rewatching certain Disney movies for dozens of times. First debuting in Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End, the song is an audacious and challenging last message by the pirates sentenced to death to those who dared to try and take their freedom.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince — In Noctem

The final Harry Potter movies were notably gloomier than the first ones. In Half-Blood Prince, Harry is getting closer to his darkest hours. In Noctem, the choral song composed by Nicholas Hooper for the movie, unfortunately did not end up in the final cut — something that some fans still believe to be a robbery. As the Hogwarts choir delivers an ominous yet somewhat melancholic song just hours before Dumbledore's death, a thunderstorm is approaching the castle in what could be one of the movie's tensest and most dramatic moments.

Game of Thrones — The Rains of Castamere

One of the most chilling choral songs in Game of Thrones was performed by Icelandic band Sigur Ros, with the musicians even making a cameo in the show's fourth season, performing at King Joffrey's wedding. However, the king did not seem to appreciate the singing, abruptly ending the band's performance by throwing coins at them and ordering "Off you go". Too bad — the song is definitely worth listening in full. Well, after that episode Joffrey will never get the chance to summon the band back and let them finish the song...

The Nightmare Before Christmas — This is Halloween

Alright, let's end this with something just as chilling but less unnerving. Halloween is coming, so it's only appropriate to recall the amazing performance by the residents of the town of Halloween from Tim Burton's iconic animated movie. Everyone hail to the pumpkin king!

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