5 Grey's Anatomy Plot Twists That Made Us Want to Punch Someone (Probably a Character on the Show)

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From filler storylines that simply had no base to mismatched couples and disappointing main character deaths, the show has given viewers a lot to frown at, especially in its later seasons.

While some storylines such as Meredith cheating on Derek were only disappointing, we would be forgiven for not breaking our screens during these patience-testing moments.

Meredith In Purgatory

Meredith drowning despite being such a good swimmer, and then getting stuck in her own head for hours while everyone fought to save her life, didn't make sense to most fans.

The showrunners didn't just play with Meredith's life, they had her stuck in some afterlife-like dimension with Danny and Dylan, even though their relationship wasn't anything special, so her meeting them in purgatory is a little weird.

Then Meredith just woke up as if her time in this dimension was just out of choice. The entire scene then dragged on for the rest of the episode, creating an uncomfortable watch out of what should have been a quick resuscitation.

Izzie Having Sex With Ghost Denny

Denny's death was hard on Izzie, but the show took it too far when they made her sleep with his ghost. Surely, writers could have found a better way for her to grieve than the hallucinations she had, which didn't seem to have any meaning.

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No one mourns their boyfriend's death by thinking about having sex with their ghosts, let alone actually doing it. Denny wasn't the most likable of people while he lived either, which is why the whole attention given to his death with Izzie first lying in bed with his corpse and then his ghost was difficult for many fans to watch.

Eli's Treatment Of Bailey

Eli was one of the most annoying characters in the show because he would always pick up an argument with the other members of staff even when he was wrong. While he made Bailey happy with his dirty notes and flirtations, many fans found it creepy and even stalkerish sometimes.

Bailey was obviously a strong woman who deserved better than Eli, which is why Eli reminding her that he was the man in the relationship was just so annoying. Bailey was willing to lower her standards for him, but he felt too entitled and proud to accept that she outranked him.

Their relationship was doomed to fail, which is why many fans were relieved when Bailey got back with Ben.

The Entire Erica Hahn Storyline

Erica was a good surgeon and a strong female character, but she just didn't fit in anywhere in the show. Her relationship with Callie was also one of the show's worst, as Erica brought her workplace arrogance into Callie's life. She accused Richard of being sexist for not inviting women to his Gentlemen's evening, only to turn around and treat the female doctors like Cristina worse than any male chief ever treated them.

Erica was also the first one to kiss Callie, only to later claim that she wasn't comfortable being with her if she was bisexual. Her character was then totally destroyed when she threatened to report Izzie for getting a heart for Denny. She just couldn't seem to let a good moment last.

Izzie's Cancer

Izzie was a doctor who interacted with experienced colleagues every day and for some reason, no one seemed to realize that something was wrong with her. From talking to herself to hallucinating her dead boyfriend, the signs of her cancer were overwhelming.

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For some reason, Denny, Alex, and everyone at the hospital never realized that she had cancer until it reached the fourth stage and spread to her liver and skin.

Choosing to diagnose her with a tumor seemed like an excuse to rewrite every cringeworthy moment that Izzie had in the show. She then spends her time in the hospital planning Meredith's wedding, only for it to end up being her own wedding. Fans had to endure the uncertainty of Izzie's future, only for her to recover and get written off in one of the most disappointing breakups in the show.

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