5 Hidden Gems With 100% Rotten Tomatoes on Prime Video Right Now

5 Hidden Gems With 100% Rotten Tomatoes on Prime Video Right Now
Image credit: Amazon Prime Video

Because you deserve the best.

Every streaming service has its hidden gems, the shows that are perfect in every way, including their scores on various platforms and overall critical acclaim. Some of these shows are well-known and extremely popular, but many brilliant ones are sidelined unfairly.

That’s why we decided to take a closer look at Prime Video 's library and discover the best shows streaming on the platform right now. So there’s no way you will miss these gems and will definitely have a good time watching them.

Here we have 5 shows with perfect Rotten Tomatoes scores for your evening binge.

1. The Responder (2022)

A perfect show for all fans of British crime dramas and Martin Freeman in particular. In the series called The Responder, which premiered in 2022, the actor plays the role of a Liverpool-based responder who is struck by a middle-age crisis and is already deeply morally compromised.

Still, he tries to find a way to help the people around him by working night shifts in the city's troubled nightlife. Fans say it is by far the best show Freeman has done.

“I've watched the whole series, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was brilliantly written with some poignant dialogue. Ordinarily, I hate fake spouse accents, but Martin Freeman did a fantastic job. I can't find any issue with any of the acting at all, all the cast played a great part,” Redditor confi45 said.

2. Clarkson's Farm (2021)

Sometimes you just need to watch something that will not trigger any of the troubled parts of your nervous system. And what's better than a show about animals set in the countryside? Clarkson's Farm is a British television documentary series about Jeremy Clarkson and his farm in the Cotswolds. It follows Clarkson in his attempts to run a successful 1,000-acre farm, but of course there are many ups and downs along the way.

“The brilliance of Clarkson's farm is that Clarkson is a bumbling buffoon of an orangutan and he makes mistakes that are so obviously mistakes beforehand doing just silly things... and in doing that, it makes people feel that they could actually be a successful farmer like it isn't that hard. And that is brilliant and not easy to strike that balance,” Redditor ahoy__fiji said.

3. Deadloch (2023)

Ordered a black comedy slash crime drama? Deadloch is your Australian must watch. Called among the viewers a feminist noir comedy, it is set against a bucolic backdrop with a rising body count. Everything seems quiet and normal in a fictional town called Deadloch, until one day two female detectives find a body on the beach.

They begin to investigate, but it seems to be too much for them to handle, as they both have strong personalities but are extremely unlike each other, and this fact adds a lot of drama to the already dark matter. But the upcoming twist will make it all even stranger.

4. The Serpent Queen (2022-2024)

This one is definitely for the fans of dark historical dramas as it revolves around the life of Catherine de' Medici, the 16th century Queen of France. It is based on Leonie Frieda's non-fiction book about the woman, which was published in 2004.

The series follows the story of Catherine de' Medici, who married into the French Valois court as a fourteen-year-old teenager and was expected to bring a fortune in dowry and produce heirs.

It also offers a closer look at her life of shrewd political maneuvering that ultimately made her the most powerful queen to rule the country for 30 years. And the many dark twists and turns that the series follows make it a thrilling watch.

5. Travelers (2016-2018)

Fans of this mysterious sci-fi series are deeply offended that it's not talked about enough. The series is about a time in the future where the few survivors discover how to send consciousness back through time, to people of the 21st century, while trying to change the path of humanity.

“My wife and I liked it a lot (and she's not a huge sci-fi fan). It's not big-budget but it has a cool premise and the writing and acting are decent enough. Netflix bought it for the final season and gave a very satisfying conclusion for the storyline and all the characters, that still left the door open for a potential sequel series,” Redditor Hieremias said.