5 House of the Dragon Deaths that Hit Fans Hardest

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Death is one of the only certain things both in life and in House of the Dragon. And there is no telling how quickly (or brutally) life will end for anyone in Westeros.

But some deaths are more notable than others. Some hit home more than others. And when three happen in one show (episode six, I'm looking at you), fans can be left reeling!

But which House of the Dragon deaths have hit fans the hardest?

Let's take a look.

1. Queen Aemma

Right off the bat, Queen Aemma dies while in childbirth in episode one. And this is no quiet death. After complications with the birth, Aemma is held down while a physician drives what looks like a stake into her belly. And the next thing we know she is dead, still lying in the bed, soaked in her own blood and that of her baby. Sadly her son, Baelon, dies soon after.

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2. Laena Velaryon

In another pregnancy-related death, Lady Laena Velaryon's "child will not come". The only option is to open the womb – but it's clear that this is risky for the child and that Laena will not survive. This is too much for the mother and Laena goes out to where her dragon, Vhagar, is and begs the beast to breathe fire on her and end her torment. Vhagar duly obliges, and Daemon sees his wife perish before his very eyes.

3. Ser Harwin Strong

A more calculated death is that of Ser Harwin Strong. The man widely proclaimed to be the strongest in the Seven Kingdoms is forced to leave King's Landing after being dismissed as Commander of the City Watch. Following this, he returns to his family home in Harrenhal where he takes up residence along with his father, Lord Lyonel Strong. However, what the father and son don't know is that it was their own flesh and blood who orchestrated their downfall. Harwin's younger brother plotted against them. And he returns to ensure Harwin dies in a fire at the home.

4. Lord Lyonel Strong

That same fire saw the end of Lord Lyonel Strong. Although some believe he was simply collateral damage in the death of Ser Harwin.

5. And number five?

Well, bear with me on this one. Remember the scene where the wild boar suddenly bursts in and attacks Rhaenyra and Harrold while they're chilling by the fire? Harrold initially strikes the boar while it's on top of what it probably assumes is a meek young girl, salivating all over her face. After initially falling to the floor, the boar begins to get up. And Rhaenyra strikes, ramming her knife repeatedly into its side, blood from it splattering up and mixing with the boar saliva on her face. This is an outpouring of pent-up anger and aggression that belies the slight frame of the girl.

Ok, so these are five of the deaths so far in House of the Dragon – but that's the key phrase, so far. Because let's face it, we all know there are more shocks to come, more blood to be spilled, and more deaths that will have fans tweeting "literally sick to my stomach" and "they literally did Laena Velaryon so dirty" following episode six.

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And yes, we're shocked, annoyed, and sometimes even saddened when a favorite character goes to meet their maker, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their death. But let's be honest, we knew exactly what we were letting ourselves in for when we tuned into House of the Dragon – and we wouldn't have it any other way, would we?

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