5 Insane Facts Even the Most Hardcore Fans Didn't Know about Twilight

5 Insane Facts Even the Most Hardcore Fans Didn't Know about Twilight
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With a new reboot in the works, we are experiencing a proper Twilight renaissance in the year 2023, and we are not complaining one bit about it.

Back in the 2000s, the most dedicated fans knew everything there was to know about the vampire saga.

A decade or two later, some things may have been forgotten, or never even known at all. Here are the five most surprising details about Twilight.

1. Edward Cullen Was Once the IT Job in Hollywood

No shocker there, but the competition for the iconic role was insane. Over 5,000 actors reportedly auditioned for Edward.

The most notable candidates were Dave Franco, Jamie Campbell Bower ( who would later appear in the franchise as Caius), Michael Welch (who would go on to play Michael Newton), Ben Barnes, and Jackson Rathbone (who would land the part of Jasper).

Henry Cavill himself could have been our Edward if it weren't for his age!

2. Robert Pattinson Took Matters into His Own Hands

Considering how many actors wanted the job, Pattinson thought that it would take something extraordinary to happen for him to get it.

Deciding not to toy with fate, he took half a Valium to make sure his Twilight audition went smoothly (spoiler alert: he nailed it!).

Catherine Hardwicke, the movie's director, called his chemistry read with Kristen Stewart "electric," and the rest is history.

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3. Stephenie Meyer Was in Twilight More Than Once

The saga's mama actually had a few cameo appearances across the movies.

You could have seen her in the first one as the woman with the laptop in the diner scene with Bella and her dad Charlie.

Meyer could also be spotted in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 as one of the guests at Bella and Edward's wedding. Seems very fitting!

4. The Original Victoria Didn't Want to Quit Twilight

Rachelle Lefevre, who played vengeful vampire Victoria in the first two movies, wanted to finish what she started, but the studio fired her and recast the character with Bryce Dallas Howard in Eclipse.

At the time, they said the change was due to scheduling conflicts, but the actress was "stunned" by the decision and shared that she had turned down other job opportunities to make sure her schedule was clear for Twilight. Bummer!

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5. Pattinson and Stewart May Actually Be Married

Breaking Dawn: Part 1, which came out in 2011, featured the happy couple's wedding, but it goes further than that.

At one of the promotional events for the movie, Robert Pattinson revealed that they had used an actual priest for the scene, so "technically" he and Kristen tied the knot church-wise.

We wonder if they had to get a real divorce when they broke up in 2013…

Are we even ready for a reboot? It can't possibly turn out better than the original Twilight, but they can certainly try.