5 International Superhero Movies That Can Easily Rival MCU's Best

5 International Superhero Movies That Can Easily Rival MCU's Best
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We’ve grown really used to Marvel and DC, but the world has way more superhero epics to offer — and some of them, like these five, could easily topple our domestic franchises!

5. Queen of Justice – Sri Asih (Indonesia, 2022)

In 1954, the first-ever Indonesian superhero movie called Sri Asih came out — but, unfortunately, it is considered lost forever. That’s why in 2022, they made a new one! Queen of Justice is the perfect film if you’re a fan of female superheroes and MMA, and if you give it a shot, it will likely take its place next to Wonder Woman on your female superhero movie shelf.

4. They Call Me Jeeg (Italy, 2015)

If you can’t exactly imagine a mix-and-match of Italian and Japanese superhero cultures, here you have the perfect opportunity to try. The Italian movie They Call Me Jeeg references the Japanese manga Steel Jeeg: as an Italian small-time criminal gains superpowers, people start seeing the manga character in him, and he gradually becomes a proper hero himself.

3. SuperBob (United Kingdom, 2015)

On a completely different note, SuperBob is a superhero comedy that honestly showcases how a regular good-natured person like you and us would behave if they suddenly gained immense powers. Bob is a shy mailman, a relatable character who — out of the blue — now has to balance his personal, normal life with that of a superhero trying to save the world in his spare time.

2. Krrish (India, 2006)

While the first Krrish came out in 2006, it’s actually a trilogy — and the fourth movie is in development. If you strive for superheroes, aliens, slow-motion action scenes, and a bizarre mix of sci-fi and comedy, these are definitely the movies for you. Krrish is the son of an alien-fueled superhero (this makes sense, we promise) who’s on a quest to save his father…and everyone else.

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1. Ichi the Killer (Japan, 2001)

This Japanese take on the story of Batman and Joker is genuinely not for everyone — many people would find it too disturbing for their liking. Ichi the Killer is a truly, properly insane movie that draws inspiration from the darkest comics about the Caped Crusader and his archnemesis, and while it’s a rare find for the connaisseurs, we must repeat ourselves: you need quite a stomach to watch it.