5 K-Dramas So Steamy, You Can't Watch Them With Family

5 K-Dramas So Steamy, You Can't Watch Them With Family
Image credit: tvN

R-rated or not, they’ll make anyone blush.

It is not typical for Korean dramas to have many explicit scenes, and that is why many people prefer these romances to Western ones. However, nudity is not the only thing that can make a scene between a couple hot. Some dramas can get by without it and still make their viewers excited.

Here are 5 K-dramas with scenes so passionate, hot, and steamy you won't recommend them to your mom.

Another Miss Oh (2016)

A perfect example of a drama that doesn't have to cross any boundaries to captivate viewers and send them out for a cold one. No spoilers, but if you are going to watch Another Miss Oh, be prepared to see the kiss that will make you come back to that particular scene over and over again.

Love Affairs in the Afternoon (2019)

Although no one should condemn cheating and affairs in marriage, there is a level of secrecy that makes all the interactions between the two leads in Love Affairs in the Afternoon especially spicy. The chemistry between the two leads, Lee Sang Yeob and Park Ha Sun, translates perfectly to the screen and makes the viewer believe every action and word.

Hit the Spot (2022)

This is perhaps the most explicit and straightforward drama of them all. The characters have sex, talk about sex, and aren't afraid to show a lot more than you'd normally see. Hit the Spot may even be uncomfortable for some, but if you sat through and enjoyed Netflix 's Sex Education, you will be fine with this one.

Somebody (2018)

Unlike many dance dramas, Somebody doesn't focus on any kind of competition. Instead, it explores romance through the most primal of forms, a physical one. And with so much passion the dancers have not only for their craft but for each other, it's no surprise the show is full of touch and steam.

Secret Love Affair (2014)

Add the power dynamic and the element of secrecy and you have the perfect romantic drama. Since the female lead, Hye Won has easy access to everything the young male lead, Sun Jae, needs to make it in life, they embark on an affair that is as beneficial for one as it is for the other.