5 Korean Hospital Dramas To Dethrone Grey's Anatomy

5 Korean Hospital Dramas To Dethrone Grey's Anatomy
Image credit: SBS TV, ABC

Watch out, Meredith, new cool kids are taking over.

While there is a plethora of medical procedural dramas available to U.S. viewers, they tend to get boring pretty quickly. The same types of characters with the same problems and the same conflicts get tiresome after a few seasons and leave a lot to be desired.

Luckily, there is a perfect way to make your TV nights a little different while still staying in your favorite field. Just take a look at these 5 hospital-based K-dramas and enjoy hours of fresh storylines and new perspectives.

Ghost Doctor (2022)

When the arrogant and self-important genius surgeon Young-min meets the new clumsy intern Seung-tak for the first time, he already knows that nothing good can come out of it. What he doesn't know is that he will soon have to guide him not only physically, but also mentally, in the form of a very annoying comatose ghost.

The Doctors (2016)

No matter how hard you try to hide from your past, it will always find you. Hye-jung learns this the hard way after years of trying to overcome the trauma of her teenage years. However, the ghost of her past romance finds her in the face of Ji-hong, whom she had to break up with 13 years ago.

Hospital Playlist (2020-2021)

This show is the closest to the usual Western procedural dramas we usually see. It follows 5 doctors who became friends back in medical school and now continue to work well together in their 40s. They have to learn how to balance their careers with their own personal struggles without losing a drop of their friendship.

Doctor John (2019)

This show revolves around one of the most difficult aspects of any medical case: pain. It focuses on professional anesthesiologists trying to deal with the most unique cases of chronic and recurring pain, while also starting a discussion on the difficult topic of euthanasia. The show is not an easy watch, but a truly enlightening one.

Dr. Romantic (2017-2023)

This is the story of a truly honorable man, Boo Yong-joo, who has to go into hiding, changes his name and settles down to work in a small hospital in a remote area, teaching the doctors around him to fight against the system's flaws and corruption in order to treat everyone who needs it.