5 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Celebrity Cameos You Likely Don't Remember

5 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Celebrity Cameos You Likely Don't Remember
Image credit: NBC

Here’s the reason to rewatch all 24 seasons once again.

When a show runs for more than five years, it runs the risk of becoming repetitive and boring. This is especially true for procedural dramas based on calls or cases, as there are only so many different crimes to depict before viewers start to guess at patterns.

However, for the shows that have lasted as long as any in the Dick Wolf universe, this has never been a problem, but rather a fun challenge to take on. Over the years, the writers and directors of Special Victims Unit found more and more ways to keep things interesting for the viewers, including, of course, many celebrity cameos.

Here are five Law & Order: Special Victims Unit celebrity guests you probably forgot were even there.

Bradley Cooper ( S6E20)

No wonder you wouldn’t remember Bradley Cooper in SVU, he’s barely recognizable! Sleek back hair and overall white collar look made him look charming, but not charming enough to trick Olivia Benson into thinking he’s the good guy.

Milo Ventimiglia (S5E11)

Ventimiglia joined SVU for an episode amidst his Gilmore Girls run. Yet again he took on the role of charismatic but very messed up guy, who almost posed as the victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse, but was later revealed to have a complicated incestuous relationship with his cousin.

Norman Reedus (S7E22)

Starring alongside another star Brittany Snow, Norman Reedus showed off his acting skills in an episode of SVU way before his The Walking Dead debut. Let’s just say that abusive and manipulating rockstar persona is way less interesting and attractive than Daryl Dixon whom we all know and love.

Viola Davis (S4-S10)

Unlike many other guest stars, Viola Davis was invited on the show to portray a defense attorney Donna Emmett, who’s made many appearances throughout 6 years from season 4 to season 6 of the show. This is one character of them all that viewers would gladly see back in the show.

Ian Somerhalder (S4E20)

Ian Somerhalder’s streak of portraying not-the-nicest-of-guys started way before The Vampire Diaries when he took over the role of Charlie Baker on SVU. A psychopath guilty of raping his younger brother and beating their father, he was one of the most disgusting criminals on the show.