5 March TV Premieres We Are Most Excited About

5 March TV Premieres We Are Most Excited About
Image credit: Showtime

The meddlesome winter is almost over, and that means we are marching into March to watch new seasons of our favorite shows!


At the top of the list, of course, is Succession, which is rightly adored by its army of fans. Season 4 will be released on March 26, and yes, it will be the last. We feel your pain, and what's even more painful is that season 4 hasn't been announced as the final one yet, so we still have some time to prepare for the goodbye.


No less anxious and impatient are we for Yellowjackets season 2, which returns on March 24. The show left us with a number of cold cases in the season 1 finale, and it's finally time to reveal the dark secrets. Showtime is piquing interest in the series by announcing cast additions, including Elijah Wood as the detective on Misty's trail, and we're intrigued to see Wood and Ricci in the same frame!


Our favorite stalker-psycho-killer also returns on March 6 with Season 4, Part 2 of You. It's been a whole month since Joe moved to London, tried (and failed) to kill fewer people, and ended up surrounded by a number of bodies to dispose of. Now that we finally know who the Eat the Rich killer is, it's time to see his next move. And yes, we also saw Love in the trailer and are looking forward to seeing her (or her ghost) in the upcoming episodes.

The Mandalorian

All hail Pedro Pascal! One of the most successful and popular Star Wars spin-offs, The Mandalorian, opens the road to March releases with season 3 returning on March 1 on Disney Plus. Din Djarin and Baby Yoda are back for new adventures and ready to explore the galaxy far, far away.

Attack on Titan

Last but not least on the list — Attack on Titan Season 4 will air in Japan on March 4th! It's currently known that the final season will be split into two halves, with the second half airing later this year. Not many details are known because the voice actors are avoiding spoilers at all costs, but the only thing we can hope for is that the bar will remain at the same mind-blowing level as before.