5 Mistakes So Silly It's Hard to Believe They Made It to The Final Cut, Ranked

5 Mistakes So Silly It's Hard to Believe They Made It to The Final Cut, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media

The viewers will always notice what the writers missed.

How closely do you watch movies? Do you notice mistakes and inaccuracies?

Of course, some little things can be attributed to the human factor: after all, filming is a long and complicated process.

It is not surprising if the actor mixed up which hand he was holding the suitcase in the last scene and no one noticed.

But some mistakes are so obvious that you wonder how they got overlooked in the editing room.

5. Jurassic Park

Young naturalists have a sharp eye and access to Wikipedia. Therefore, they immediately pointed out the overlooked fact: the mosquito embedded in amber is actually a male, and only females feed on the blood of animals.

So the mosquito did not carry any dinosaur DNA, and was probably surprised by the attention it was getting.

4. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

This fact will horrify even those who did not study well in school: a team blows up an enemy naval base in the ice and... blocks of ice start falling to the bottom of the ocean like stones.

Sadly, there was no one to catch at least one block and explain to it that it is lighter than water and must float.

3. Uncharted

A movie adaptation of one of the iconic video game series, Uncharted, was conceived back in 2008. The story of treasure hunter Nathan Drake went through a series of writers, directors, and stars.

The end result was an Indiana Jones for millennials that nearly quadrupled its budget.

The attention to detail, however, didn't save the movie from notable missteps. For example, New York in the urban scenes is actually Berlin.

This can be seen in the frame that contains an advertisement for the German lottery Lotto. And the corpse of the on-screen villain Santiago Moncada on the floor of the plane changes its position between shots.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

In this part of the franchise, fans have found two mistakes.

Harry only collected two tears from the dying Severus, but when he poured it into Pensieve, there was apparently too much liquid.

The second mistake is actually more of a plot hole. We have been told that Harry inherited his green eyes from his mother.

But in the Pensieve, Lily was somehow shown with brown eyes as a child, while her adult version had green eyes.

This defies common sense, since the color of a person's eyes can only darken over time, not the other way around.

1. Gladiator

The editors of a movie with five Oscars should be scolded.

So many mistakes were made: members of the movie crew and their modern shoes stayed in the frame, a rubber helmet and a fake fight with a sword in the armpit were shown in close-up.

How about a plastic water bottle in ancient Rome? But it all is nothing when one sees that notorious upside-down chariot with a blue gas cylinder at the bottom...